Our thanks goes to Kevin Kertz for creating the following Photoshop file to help studio photographers document their lighting setups. The artwork and attached Photoshop file are copyright 2006 by Kevin Kertz. He has authorized it for personal use of studio lighting setups only. Please contact him at kevin(at) for commercial use or other applications.

Thanks also go to our Lawrence (lkeeney) for finding this tool at the Fred Miranda website.

Studio Lighting Setup Aid

Kevin created the sample above to show how his tool can be used. Click on the image to view a larger copy. It is a multi-layer Photoshop PSD file. It contains all of the studio lighting and camera equipment shown below:

Each object is on its own layer and the objects are grouped by type. To create a lighting setup, expand the relevant groups in the Layers palette and make the desired layers visible. Then move and rotate the equipment to represent your studio lighting setup. Kevin also includes some blank note boxes that you can position as shown in the first sample. Use the Photoshop Text tool to add text and label your setup.

Kevin's Photoshop file is enclosed in a compressed 127.7 KB ZIP file. Click on the link below to "Save" a copy to your computer's hard drive. Then unzip it to use it. The PSD file is named "LightingSetup.psd". Once it is unzipped, open the PSD file in Photoshop and have fun!!! It is a grayscale image with no profile.