Hi there - in need of a sturdy lightweight tripod I trolled around eBay until I found a good deal on a Benro C-228n6 tripod. I wanted something fairly rugged but lighter and easier to pack than my heavy duty Manfrotto 055 Pro. For the sake of comparison I've also got a little Sunpak Fieldmaster tripod and I did order an older model Benro - the C-027 from B&H but returned it as I wasn't the specs or quality I expected.

For 250 + 35 US for fast shipping via Hong Kong post, I'm quite pleased. Overall it's well made, the connections seem smooth. Its a decent height when fully extended so I don't need to use the centre column very often (although it seems pretty sturdy as well). It folds down to just over 20 inches and it fits nicely inside the case with a ball head mounted to it (currently using a Manfrotto 484 RC head on it).

I've never really used any Gitzo tripods (upon which its obviously based) but it's much better made than the older Benro series was. I'm quite pleased an although I understand the equivilent Gitzo is a tiny bit lighter and sturdier, this tripod seems to be a very good balance of cost and performance.

A link to the full stats and picture in case anyone is interested.