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Thread: Exporting PMs?

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    Default Exporting PMs?


    my quota of Private Messages (PMs) has been filled up a couple of times and until now I have been able to solve the problem by tidying up the in/outboxes. However, I'm now facing the situation where I want to keep almost all the PMs that I have.

    So, I wonder if there is a possibility to export the entire in/outbox to a text file or something similar on my HD so that I can start anew with clean boxes?

    Cheers, Jens.

    EDIT: Sorry... I should have looked further down the drop menu at the bottom of the in/outbox page before posting the message... Obviously, the function is already implemented in the system.

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    Default Re: Exporting PMs?

    Hey Jens,
    So to answer the question - For all to see - there is at the bottom of the PM's box 3 option's for keeping a copy of your PM's. -
    Download all Private Messages as:
    XML | CSV | Text

    Then you can download those. My area of greatest build up is with sent messages, I am usually able to delete out my "sent Messages" that frees up a lot of space.
    On the little bar chart - there are 3 lines - Green shows open space - Yellow shows messages which are used up in your sent folder - and Red are the ones in your inbox.
    Anyhow, I am glad you found it Jens, but I will keep it for reference for others.

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