A few days ago I posted about a delay in getting information on an order I had placed for AVG Home version. element5, the company that handles Grisoft's orders, had promised my license number within 24 hours, but after over 48 hours I still hadn't received it and couldn't get in touch with them.

I did finally receive my license number, and soon afterward I was contacted by PM on this forum (!) by a member of Grisoft's sales and operations team. She asked for my transaction number and investigated the problem. It turned out there had been some difficulty getting my credit card authorized. I received courteous e-mail apologies from Grisoft and element5.

I told them the problem was not so much the delay as the lack of communication, and I recommended changing the wording of the automated e-mails from "in no case will it take more than 24 hours" to "in no case should it take 24 hourse," so as to make it not a promise but a statement of what the customer could reasonably expect. I also suggested there should be e-mail notification if it looked like the process was going to take longer than 24 hours. Telephone support would be nice, too!

At any rate, I did want to say that the issue has been resolved by the Grisoft and element5 employees, and Grisoft seems sincere about wanting to make sure similar problems don't occur in the future. I hope so. I do like their product so far. It is a very easy program for someone like me, who does not have a knack for computers.