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Thread: HP w2207 review! A+

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    Thumbs up HP w2207 review! A+

    I picked up my new HP monitor today. Amazing monitor.

    Its essentially the same LCD screen thats in my DV9000 notebook, execept its 22".

    All I can say its the best screen I have ever used. both in my notebook and desktop. I have used an apple LCD and cinema monitors and they dont compare to these.


    Image quality
    overall apperance of monitor

    None really, if I had to pick, speakers on the rear of the monitor.

    I give it an 11 out of 10!
    shooting fuji X10 and X-S1 at the moment.

    Soon to have an e-3, e-30, e-620 and e-410 bodies with a bunch of glass. I can't wait to be back with the E-System.

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    Default Re: HP w2207 review! A+

    I have one too and love it. Its great for gaming, which was why I originally bought it. If you are still around, I would like to talk to you about calibrating it. Hit me back with a PM.

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