I am somewhat stunned to have been asked by someone if I would cover their wedding as their 'official' wedding photographer. They are friends of friends of friends if you know what I mean, and that is how they came to hear of my photographic exploits. They looked at my gallery, spoke to a few people, and called me up. I explained to them that I am not a professional photographer but that as they were stuck for a tog, that I'd do it for them for a very modest fee plus the costs of their prints etc.

Now - here's the part where I need advice.

The lenses I have are the standard Zuiko kit lenses that came with the E-510 and the E-400, plus the Zuiko 50mm macro, plus the excellent Zuiko Prime 11-22mm.

Should I be looking to purchase an additional lens for the wedding work; particularly indoors (it's a registry office wedding), and for portrait shots at the brides home as she gets ready for he big day. if so, can someone advise on what model lens I should be looking to get please...?

Many thanks.