A friend has invited me to join his shooting team (currently 3 guys), but has disparaged the Olympus as pro-worthy, and so has one of his partners. Comments like "unreliable" have got my goat. So happens that I LIKE Olympus & 4/3, but have no "ammunition" to counter their arguments. I know that the E-3 is more akin to the D300 & 40D than to the D3 & EOS-1, to name two popular brands for reference; but then THEY are using the E-3 class! Also the comment was made by one that they go for lots of depth of field, usually shooting f/11 or lower. Well, gee whillikers, doesn't 4/3 match that performance at a faster f/stop??? (correct me if I'm wrong)

Would someone please uphold my preferred camera system? Tell them (and reassure me) that Oly is as good as their "favorite (pro-worthy) brands"? The primary usage would be photojournalism, though not for the usual purchasers (e.g. newspapers & magazines).

Thank you.