In looking at exif data on some of my recent pics, the sharpness note says "soft". In the camera menu it is set to "zero". I would assume that this is a neutral indication? Meaning, that it is not either over or under sharpened just neutral. But then, what does "soft" mean in the exif reader? (opanda) To me, it would indicate that the camera is set to like -1 or -2 instead of zero. What do most of you set yours to?
I am getting better at getting a sharper image out of the camera, but still haven't produced a razor sharp image as I have seen others post. I am also starting to get a handle on sharpening in PP, and am finding great variety of results from one program to another. I was trying to shoot some birds this morning, and while better than the last time it leaves some to be desired. I have been doing this hand held, and I really need to get a better tripod. I have a good head on it, but the whole thing is still shaky, and I am quite clumsy using as well. Plus, them little flitty dang birds are tough to follow on a tripod! I am going to make another thread about PP in the darkroom forum with further questions on the sharpening and other bits.
The photo below is one of the best shots this morning, Ran it thru Elements 6 for some PP and sharpening. IS the limited sharpness just due to technique? Does anyone have a suggestion for a "test" I can due to check the cameras ability? Or should I jsut set up a "target" and shoots several shots with all being the same except for menu settings?
Thanks in advance for any hints