I've had my new E3 for a few days now and am pleased to report it is 97% brilliant - the other 3% is minor (like it really needs a couple more dedicated buttons...). However, one minor quibble turned out to be easy to fix - the eyecup.

To really check focus and to be able to read the data at the bottom of the viewfinder, I found my eyebrow was getting crushed into the big eyecup. Okay, maybe I have a heavy forehead or something but it must be worse with glasses. So, I reached into the cupboard and pulled out my now redundant E330. Yup, the eyecups are a straight swap and problem solved. Suddenly the viewfinder reaches it's full potential!

It must be easy enough to get an E330 cup? By the way, I never really liked my E330, so if anyone in New Zealand wants a mint E330, let me know! (I'm keeping the E300. That's a great little unit).