UPS dropped by at the office this morning:

Top = Rollei retro 400
Bottom = Rollei infrared 400

yup, film! 120 format. Test sets, hence the nice wooden boxes.

I'm going hybrid. Shooting & developing analog, scanning and then printing myself.

Of course the 43rds cameras will remain in use (especially my E1ir) and I'll buy more equipment (still waiting for the 25mm pancake for instance). I quit shooting for money, so no more deadlines, which means more time for old-fashioned work. And I'll be able to mix both worlds more. I still prefer the "feel" of mediumformat compared to any digital camera output.

PS I'm selling my Crown Graphic 4x5 though, pm if interested. (it's not going on the buy&sell forum since it doesn't belong there imo)

PPS: sorry for the horrendous image quality... phonecams are crap.