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Thread: 14-54 Oly service $$

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    Default 14-54 Oly service $$

    I'm thinking about sending in a 14-54 to have checked out.

    What is the average cost to have one serviced. I'm not even sure anything is wrong with it. I just want them to see if it's working 100%. I'm having some focus issues with it at between 14 and 20mm and I want to see if its the lens causing it.

    I have four camera bodies and on one E510 it's real bad, while on the E-1 it's no problem at all. On the E300 it happens... but not alot. I bought another E510 a week ago and I've seen it on this camera now too. I had rulled out the lense a while back but now I'm starting to think it might be a problem that happens under certain lighting situations with this lens.

    Has anyone had their 14-54 serviced in the last month? What was the cost?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: 14-54 Oly service $$

    Not in the last month but a year ago it cost me 90 bucks for routine clean and adjust.

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