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Thread: Running list of eligible Photographers Of The Year

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    Thumbs up Running list of eligible Photographers Of The Year

    Here is a running list of eligible POTY (Photographers Of The Year) in order of Monthly entrants.

    Sciophobia by zbahu

    The Monster by Viperman500

    "Sucide" by Cheatwoodj

    Basket Weave by ama

    "Ice Cream with a friend" by zbahu

    "A new mothers love" by Savyhilton99

    "Fishing at Sunrise" by CRussell

    "Hammock Happiness" by bg2b

    "A Change of Screenery" by acme

    "Spiral" by Viperman500

    "Full of Hot air" by cRy-Guy

    "Warming in the Shade" by Assafx

    Dead End by Viperman500

    Alone by Madmax40

    Midnight Gloomy Presence by Marc VanderArk

    Cold Embrace by Parallaxkid

    "Young Bulls" by Hudsonhites

    "Festival Night" by windsprite

    "Ending of the day" by Dara

    "Pebble Beach" by Zbahu

    "Funnel Web Spider Peeking Around the Curve of its Hall" byravenintherain

    "Mysterious Kai" bylelay55

    "Beyond the Shadow" by anwmn1

    "Hide-and-seek" by bg2b

    "The Promise" by zbahu

    Puppy Love by Jim Flinchbaugh

    "I Heart You" by arice

    "Expressive Feet" by NrthrnHrse

    "Blocked" by Assafx

    "Newborn mother's barrier" by Savyhilton99

    "A cat's barrier, A photographer's barrier" by VIPERMAN500

    "The Eleventh Commandment" by Huckleberry

    Mr. Bump by Hudsonhites

    Human. Tasty. Nepherim

    Lord of the Trees by LordEmit

    David vs Goliath by Viperman500

    Photoshoot with Larry by jforkner

    Family - by Mick_Finn

    Winter Promenade by zbahu

    Dog Training - Drop, Sit, Stay by shrinkpictures
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