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    Default Opteka 500mm mirror

    Model - MF 500mm f:8 Mirror Lens
    Groups/Elements: 8/9 <-----mine was 4/5 - 2 mirrors and 3 glass
    Diameter: 3"
    Length: 3.4"
    Weight: 360 grams
    Filter Size Front: 72mm
    Aperture: f:8
    Macro Magnification: 1:2.7
    Minimum Focus Distance: 5.5'
    Manual Focus: Yes
    High quality crystal optics
    Fully Multi-coated
    Made in Japan <----- Mine was made in Korea
    T mount - 4/3s

    500mm(1000mm effective)
    very light weight
    very little Chromatic Aboration
    Very Compact

    image stabilized or tri-pod a must
    fixed Aperture
    poor contrast
    soft colors
    difficult to focus
    shallow DOF
    poor/strange bokeh
    narrow field of view

    The inexpensive mirror lenses are not for everybody and requires a bit of experience with them to get the results you might hope for. To get results, you must run pictures thru software. The results I have gotten have ranged outright c**p to good. I bought this lens just as an experiment to see for myself if the were as bad as rumored. What I found is that you need a bright sunny day so you can get enough light to over come the f8 aperture and the long lens camera shake. It is very difficult to focus, not only because it is manual, but even with about 270 degrees of rotation on the focal ring, the focus was extremely sensitive. Less than 1 degree of rotation was more than enough to make or break focus. The DOF was very shallow at 10meters DOF is about 6cm. There is little CA as there is not much glass in this lens. A large lens on the front and 2 smaller ones in the rear. A little bit of vignetting is visible There is a large mirror at the rear and a small one at the front. The Bokeh can be distracting and was best if the background was open sky or something without detail. Also I found that although this lens will focus to macro I only got poor images, soft & fuzzy. That said with good light and image stabilized camera I did get some decent $100 lens images. I needed to post process by pushing up the contrast and just a little sharpening. I will take it down to the local duck pond or the bird bath out back and play, I don't think National Geographic will use any of the images but the pictures are decent and I had fun and the lens is cheap cheap.

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