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Thread: The Rule's and a reason

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    Default The Rule's and a reason

    Over the last couple of weeks, it seems that many have not seen the rules and/or understood the reason for rules at this site.
    I do not have any language filters setup, they simply don't work well enough, or will block good words, etc. As well as no language filter will block a inappropriate image.
    Basically the rules have been setup for 3 purposes -

    Privacy -we do not give out the emails of any users to anyone. Not even fellow members. Its a bit of a hassle to use the PM system, but it is a safe guard.

    Kid safe - I really don't want every 12 year old boy on the site - So we keep nudes off, as well as the disclosure of personal locations is totally up to the individual. (though the overall risk is very minimal) Also we do not allow for posting of any illegal images.

    Office friendly - The site is viewed by many at work. In fact the offices I manage have strict guidelines on sites which contain foul language, and "foul" content. Really we must keep this site office friendly. So as to not have it banned off networks. So that is the primary rules on language and nudes.

    Any action taken really is with the goal of trying to do what is best for the community as a whole, as well as for the camera system. fourthirdsphoto to me personally is not really a source of income it is just a very expensive hobby.

    1. No pornography of any kind
    2. No nudes or implied nudes
    3. Please be selective in the pictures that you post.
    4. All images should be from a 4/3 SLR camera, except for certian circumstances such as pictures that have to deal with relevant content that will improve photo skills, such as a studio shot, from one of our pros. OR to show a certain/special post-processing technique.
      To further explain non 4/3 SLR Images should not be posted here, just because they are good, but they need to serve an additional function.
    5. Images from a non 4/3 SLR camera can be used to compare something, but it needs to be done in a respectful manner to both manufactures.
    6. No non 4/3 SLR images should be used in any competitions, or in the galleries.
    7. No cussing, or sexual slurs. All cussing does is show imaturity, and we are a family friendly site.
    8. Don't be a TAKER. In this world there are 2 types of people: givers and takers. A giver in this case is one who seeks to build up this site and photography. They can be a person who asks questions, because the community as a whole gains knowledge and skill. Or they can seek to find a way to make this site better. On the other hand, a taker is someone who breaks down the community. This can be a slam against another member or website. If you have not reached a level of maturity to be a giver kindly leave our website and find another one where you will fit in.
    9. Providing links to other sites we do not mind having links to other sites, but if the links are to just post complaints about another site, this is not appropriate.
    10. Do not spam, or put in links to malware. In addition, if you are a commercial seller, please ask for permission to sell your goods on this site.
    11. Because this is a photography website, there is no purpose to discuss religion, politics or other deeply divided subjects. All that these tend to do is divide the community. For example, if I take a picture of my church, I do not want to hear about how such and such a church is bad, and another is better. Instead focus on the photos.
    12. Plagiarism is not allowed. If you quote another author or display another photographer's photo, you MUST credit the author and the source.
    13. Do not alter another members photos without permission.

    Lastly remember we do not have any major corporate sponsorship, because we believe that it would cloud our judgment on products. FourThirdsPhoto is totally ran by the members of the site. The ads and subscriptions pay for hosting and servers to keep the place running.

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    Default Re: The Rule's and a reason

    Well stated and very good timing.
    Thanks Tony.

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