First, some photos, which can be viewed here:

The page notes some things about this camera that i like. Having had a 5 MP Panasonic/Leica Digilux 2 clone, I knew the G1 would offer nice color (and B&W) images, but did not reckon on the vast number of options within options that this "simpler than a digital SLR" could pack into its diminutive little body.
LIKES: The separate buttons for "Film" Playback, ISO, WB, viewfinder/LCD, Delete...
Most of these have dual identities (for example the four marked buttons around the "set" also are used to navigate menus up, down and sideways) This stuff in pretty intuitive.
I like the ease with which one can program such things as the AE lock to either hold focus or exposure or focus AND exposure; and like the grid that can be displayed in the viewfinder to help keep horizons straight. Not sure about the three other optional grids -- gotta try 'em.
DISLIKES: It is all too easy to hit the lens release button when picking up the camera. The lens does not pop off, but on three occasions I got a warning: "Make sure lens is properly installed" before the camera would work. AND while some griped about the closeness of the tiny "quick menu " and "film mode buttons (yes I sometimes hit them, but that's not serious).
The lever that controls the singe/multiple exposure and B&W multi exposure and self timer functions DOES often get nudge (from single to multi) because it is so close to the shutter release button, and that would sure be serious if I were paying for film!
With probably several hundred options available for more or less "smarter than you are" photo taking, the manual is really not clear enough, which seems to be a feature of Panasonic manuals. There really MUST be a better, more linear way to introduce the features and controls of a digital camera -- Peter Burian, take note!
Mike Levy