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Thread: Assignment #27: Portraits

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    Default Assignment #27: Portraits

    Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.
    - Oscar Wilde

    People are a popular subject for photography, from family and friends to strangers on the street. A good portrait is more that just a snapshot, and should capture the essence of the subject - or, for those who agree with Mr. Wilde, should show some hint of the relationship with the photographer. Personally, I'm undecided on whether a portrait can be seen as only an image of the subject or as a reflection of the photographer. I suspect that the truth typically lies somewhere in the middle, but this is a great time to explore these relationships.

    While taking new images is always encouraged, portraits can also be a craft that takes extensive practice to master. Archived favourites are also welcomed, but I'd appreciate a few words on why you've chosen, or how you produced, your images.
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