Memory Express in Edmonton, AB, has put most of their Olympus stock on sale. For some items the sticker price is lower than the online price, so you'll just have to drive over and check it out. Sorry I didn't write down the prices..

E-520 ($470 lens kit)
E-500 ($400, I think)
and E-330 bodies

25mm ($229 and $249.. I bought the $229 one.. early bird and all)
30mm f1.4 (Sigma- but I'm not sure if it was 4/3 or just happened to be in the same display; $599 I think)

FL-50 flash ($499, not sure if that's good or not)

Possibly a few other goodies that I can't remember. I asked if they were going to quit stocking Oly as basically everything but the FL-36 had "CLEARANCE" written on it but the salesman said he thought they were just flushing out old stock as a new stock order is coming in sometime in the next week or two.