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Thread: My Mode on cameras with mode dial - how?

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    Default My Mode on cameras with mode dial - how?

    I've been playing with My Mode on the E-3 today, and I have one set with Aperture priority, IS1, vivid ( for telephoto/landscape work) and the other on Shutter priority, IS2, muted (for sports shooting/tracking). I realised in the process that this is the reason for not having a mode dial on the body. How does My Mode work on the E-30? Presumably you set everything else, but not the shooting mode. Oh, my "standard" mode is P, normal.

    If you have better settings for those two types of shooting, I'd gladly hear it
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    Default Re: My Mode on cameras with mode dial - how?

    The E30 is different than the E3 as you only have two modes to use. One is whatever way you currently have the camera set. You have to map the fn button to the my mode function and then when you press, and hold it down, you will be in the other mode.

    My main mode of shooting is in aperture priority, SAF, single center focus point, at ISO 200 with IS1 on.

    When a bird in flight oppurtunity arises, I hold down the fn button to go to aperture priority, CAF, Center cross pattern focus points, ISO 640, with IS off.

    I used to make it switch to shutter priority for the BIF mode but found it was forcing the Bigma to shoot wide open then. Now I just keep it at f8 no matter what.

    Who was it that said "f8 and be there"? He must have owned a Bigma.
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