I am currently looking for a fast (2.8 or less) "wide-angle" prime lens. Some kind of macro capability would be a nice addition (doesn't have to be 1:1, just something that allows me to get close to my subject).

The Sigma 24mm f1.8 fits the bill rather perfectly on paper. However, after digging around this forum for some discussion on the 24mm, I've noticed that Sigma gets some pretty harsh smack talk 'round these parts.

So, I'm wondering what other options I have. Aside from the Summilux (which is so far beyond my price range as to make it non-existant), I can't seem to find any decent options. I am more than happy to use manual legacy glass; as long as it somehow fits on my 620, I'll use it!

Please share your opinions on the Sigma or share any alternatives you may know of.