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Thread: E-PL1 the little Pen that could

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    Default E-PL1 the little Pen that could

    I hope that this isn't duplicating a thread somewhere else, I did search

    I was asked to review the camera for a blog, but it was no hardship and I really enjoyed the new 'little' Pen. It's very capable and the addition of a flash makes it more flexible than the beautiful P1/2.

    I hope it's of interest.

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    Smile Re: E-PL1 the little Pen that could ... and DOES!

    I read your review. I didn't read it here, on this forum, but it was the particular review that convinced me to buy the camera. Which I love. It feels solid, and more importantly, it feels GREAT in my hands. I find its lightness is a cure for my ills. The day I got it, I feel in love with it so much that ... I actually took it to bed with me. In fact, every night, I take it with me, all packed up in its case, into the bedroom and park it right next to me, with the " Olympus PEN E-PL2 for Dummies" atop my night table. I read a chapter or two each night before sleep takes me away.

    The only serious gripe I have with it is that I think the manual is totally inadequate. Yes, information is there, but the explanation of what this information MEANS is sorely lacking. If you have handled a lot of cameras of this type, I'm sure that you will not find it so distressingly uninformative because you already know what a lot of it means and all you need to do it find out where each control is and voila, you're home free.

    I am not coming from that place. I had a lot of Olympus cameras in my past, but they were either film 35mm SLRs or digital P&S cameras. Yes, I have had my very own Canon DSLR, but it was significantly different in the way the menus are set up and even in what functions are called. The "Dummies" book is my ticket to the Big Game and as bad as the manual it came with is, is as good as that book is and for anyone LESS expert that you big boys, I do most sincerely recommend it.

    I am having a great time with this camera, now that I have something to help me figure out how to set it up and use it. I appreciate the flash and because of its various settings and the way you can point it indirectly, even bounce the flash to some degree ( I just happen to have some umbrellas and stands to help play with it :-) (Ok, lights too, if you really want to know) (Ok a backdrop or two also). I like it.

    It's convenient. It's fun. It's been raining outside for a few days, so I've been happily taking pictures of my huge doll collection and posting them on a web page I built for this purpose. If it weren't for that nice little built in flash, I'd be going stir crazy waiting for the rain to end. And I don't even LIKE flash photography.

    I have no issues with the PL1. None at all. The price was right, the features work for me. I can get lazy and just have fun, or I can get as artistic as I choose. Great camera for a retired photographer like me. Small enough to take everywhere, powerful enough and with sufficient features to feel like it's a real camera. Doesn't get better than this. So thank you. If it weren't for you, I might have not gotten this little charmer that has so greatly improved the quality of my life!

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