Hello, I'm attempting to sell my E-420 (body only) in order to upgrade to an E-620. I am the original owner of this camera, and it has been my backup to my E-3. It has only a little over 4000 actuations and is in great condition with no flaws. I'm asking for $260 shipped (continental US). Willing to ship overseas if buyer pays for extra shipping cost. I accept PayPal. You can feel free to check out my profile and whatever else just to see that I'm not some fly-by-night scammer My eBay screen name is noohoggin1 with 100% feedback as well.

Here are pics-what u see is what you get (box/battery/battery charger included). Remember, even though the box says that it comes with the kit lens, this posting is for the camera body only. And yes, I'll clean the back LCD display and viewfinder before I ship :P

Please PM with any questions.