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Thread: FS: E-30 Body ***Sold for asking price***

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    Default FS: E-30 Body ***Sold for asking price***

    [Sold] E-30 Body: I purchased it used on this forum Jan 19, 2010, primarily for its focus adjust feature. Now that I have an E-5, I no longer need this body.
    This body, serial number G67503721 has only 2366 actuations, and is in as-new shape. It comes with box, all paperwork including blank warranty card, manuals, body cap, BLM-1 battery and its charger, and all cables. It is missing the flash shoe cover. It has been a great body, but I need to sell it in order to fund a second E-5 body. $690, including PP and ground shipping CONUS. If you want faster or foreign shipping, you can pay for that.

    BTW, all photos taken with E-5 and 12-60 SWD, in tent with 4 compact fluorescent bulbs in reflectors outside and white seamless inside.
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