Every other weekend or so, I will stumble into DC hoping to photograph some things. In general, I've found that I really don't accomplish much unless I have specific shots I set out to try (and I'll only pull off those shots). This is disappointing, as I want to develop a more spontaneous ability.

This is a photograph I had planned for a bit. The goal was simply to capture a metro train as it sped by. It was intentionally as wide as possible (7mm on the 7-14mm) to make it 'close'. With the horrible mixed lighting and lack of any truly interesting color, I just desaturated it (with a matching sharpness boost).

So far, I've had two people express their admiration for this photograph. A friend of mine and a random person on Flickr. However, I'm a bit more ambivalent. Maybe someone could help enlightenment me on what I did right and what I could do better.

Metro by Asinar, on Flickr