Bags can make me crazy. This time is an exception ...

Recently bought a new bag because I'd changed my gear around enough that nothing I had did the right thing for when I needed more than just the camera and/or wanted to carry the laptop along too. After quite a bit of annoying the local shopkeepers, I bought the Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise 35 v2.0.

Click image to jump to the Think Tank Photo web page.

This is a vertical form factor bag, comes with a shoulder strap and has an optional backpack harness. Camera gear loads from the top, fits a 13" laptop in the back pocket (or a 10" if you've opened an interior shelf to fit a tall-body pro DSLR with battery grip). There's a big padded pocket under the front overflap that can expand out to carry two FL50Rs or a pro-DSLR body with grip, and it comes with a rain cover too.

I can put my entire E-5 kit in it (camera, four lenses, cards, batteries, flash units, etc), plus the MacBook Pro 13" and its power supply, and the usual complement of my other carry-about junk and paperwork. An accessory strap package provides a place to strap a tripod on the bottom or additional pocket/pouches on the sides (that's what those stretchy loops on the side in the photo above are for) if you need even more space for that occasional bulky item. Lots of pockets to keep things organized, good dividers, and a pair of doubled handles for the usual hoisting it in and out of the car/bus/train/plane overhead compartments.

So far it's working out well. I've been using it every day for the past three weeks and have no complaints. It's trim and not too heavy with my usual laptop plus camera plus two-three lenses ... and it's not bad as a shooting bag like that. And when I need to carry a bunch more, it does what it's supposed to and "just works" without being annoying.

Usual disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Think Tank Photo other than paying them my money for their products ...