Well since the Only Olympus DLSR I have is is the E-1 and considering it is the best camera ever made, I still use mine I decided to make a long exposure Image after seeing a thread called 175 Photos of Day Taken at Night,

I wanted to see If my Old dog had it in her. I broke out the sticks on a dark, cloudy and windy night here in Las Vegas at around 10:00PM.

At ISO 800, I let the shutter drag for 60 seconds at f5.6 with the all plastic 14-42mm kit lens I was pleasantly surprised. One shot and that was all. I may play with this more, it is kind of neat. Most of all what made me happy was, I got to play with my baby! What a wonderful camera! I really think she deserves a 35-100. I am seriously thinking of buying it for my e-1. She deserves it, LOL