I just wanted to pass along some quick info about this bag.

The Outback series is a belt/shoulder bag. It is meant to hold your camera with the lens facing down in the main compartment for quick access like a holster. The 300 has a very large main compartment plus two removable lens cases that attach to the sides. The quality is typical lowepro. The stiching and materials seem to be very good with decent enough zippers.

I was worried that this bag would be too big, and it is huge...but I wouldn't call it too big. I use it mainly as a shoulder bag, and it's relatively normal sized there. I use the belt strap for extra stability and it also reduces the load on my shoulder. I dont think you could really use it as a belt bag though without the shoulder strap.

The size of the lens cases on the sides is pretty good. They will hold most lenses. They are wide enough to hold the 14-35mm with the hood and long enough to hold the 50-200mm. My 35-100mm will fit in the side case without the hood but it's just a little bit too long to close the zipper.

Here's the best part, the main compartment. In here I have the e5 w/ grip and 35-100mm attached (hood reversed). To the left of the lens I have an fl50 with diffuser cap and 8 spare AA batteries. To the right of the lens I have the 14-35mm (hood reversered) and a couple of spare camera batteries. Inside the top flap, memory cards and a cleaning cloth. Then there's a large front pocket which holds my AA battery charger, a filter case, and my wireless flash transmitter/receiver. Also to the left and right of the camera is room enough for my neck strap and grip strap.
The main bag is large enough that I can remove the two side cases completely, or I can leave them and on and fill them up with a water bottle and some candy bars. =)

I was having a tough time deciding between the 200 and the 300 model because I thought the 300 would be too big and wasnt sure if the 200 was big enough for the 35-100mm. It turns out that the 300 for me is actually smaller than the 200 because I can remove the side cases and still have room for everything. So I didnt even have to bother trying the 200.

Anyways, if you're looking for a bag big enough to hold the 35-100mm and you dont like giant backpacks, I would say that the Lowepro Outback 300 AW is the way to go.