Just took this photo yesterday with 50-200mm SWD:

I always knew E-5 was very sharp and with some glass tends to produce moire sometimes, but never thought 50-200 would make it appear.

The full sized shot from above is actually a bit edited version since I desaturated the man's coat - this is the original crop:

I'm pleasantly surprised by 50-200mm which is a very competent lens on E-5.

Granted, this is a very demanding subject, with a checkered/plaid suit which is very moire inducing by itself, yet alone from the distance.

I'm very happy with the dyamic range in the shot as well, man's face in the shade is quite well exposed while nun's white veils despite being exposed to the sunlight and burning a bit were quite salvageable with either slight adjustment brush or recovery slider.

One thing to note is that I set +2/6 exposure offset to the camera since in my opinion it protects highlights bit too much and it's always better to have slightly more exposure than to have to lift the shadows.
This was opposite for the E-3 which was prone to burning highlights.

In any case, here's a 14-35 shot from yesterday too - very nice weather here lately 22-25 Celsius in shade, much warmer in sunlight