For those of you downloading and using ACR lens profiles, you might want to test them out. I created and used a 14-54 Mk I profile with my E-30, and when I got the E-5 I reshot the targets and generated a new one, thinking that the slightly better processing engine might make for a better profile.

Some of my recent images looked like they were still exhibiting some barreling after applying the E-5 profile auto corrections (very slight, but because there are architectural elements in almost everything I shoot, I'm very sensitive to it). So I trotted out my grid test target (2 sheets of 17x22 with Photoshop-generated 1" grid pattern mounted side by side on foam core) and shot some test targets at varying focal lengths. When I opened them in ACR, I was suprised to see that the E-30 profile completely fixed the barreling but the E-5 profile barely affected it.

I say suprised, because when I do test set ups (or in the case of ACR profiling) I'm pretty meticulous and have a pretty solid routine. I have no idea why there would be a difference in the amount of correction between the two profiles. Anyway, If you are using my E-5 14-54 Mk I profile, you should switch to the E-30 one I posted earlier. And if you are using profiles downloaded from the Adobe server, you should check the various ones available and see which one work best.