Hello everyone,

I just did a test using both lenses on the E-5
14-54mm is several years old, been bought along with E-1, but still works flawlessly and is mechanicaly as new, great feat for a lens which has been used exclusively by a friend who bought E-1 at the time.

Tripod mounted, no mirror lockup, custom WB, default ACR conversion (no additional sharpening applied, distance cca 1.5 meters).

I shot in Manual mode, but with + 1 EV in order to see how different lenses perform in regards to light meter sensitivity and transmission.
Interesting fact - despite having the same aperture value, 14-54mm regularly required +1/3 EV more exposure, and even then it got less bright image.

These are just synthetic tests, I'll do more real life comparison tomorrow during the day.

25mm, center crops

35mm, center crops

14mm, corner crops

35mm, corner crops