Here's a few shots of the Stilts from today.
I went to Vransko jezero (Crow's lake in direct translation) and there are a lot of birds there since it's a very good habitat for them and a protected nature park.

Lots of crows obviously, but other birds as well such as great egrets etc..

The weather wasn't the best and I only had 150mm + TCs.

I camouflaged myself using old army uniform and adding a cammo shirt on top of my head covering the camera.

Worked ok, but I think ghille type suit would work better.

What I was not so happy about was poor autofocus performance.
Photographing stilts walking around using CAF mode was very bad idea because focus would jump around a lot if I picked the af point close to bird's head and firing a burst of shots, CAF would inexplicably jump around for no reason resulting in a lot of mis-focused shots.

SAF was a bit better, but not ideal because birds were moving slightly so burst shots couldn't be made.

Few times the birds flew by but CAF was uttery incapable of giving in focus shots. I blame teleconverters for this mostly, but it didn't inspire confidence in the E-5 or the 150mm either.

Since CAF isn't good for slow moving subjects, I resorted to using a SAF for the birds on the ground/water, but that would mean if the bird flew by it would've been impossible to quickly switch to CAF (not that it was good at tracking birds in flight anyway ).

AF is by far the worst thing about 43rds IMO, Olympus is simply not trying hard enough in this area.