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Thread: My latest panorama

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    Default My latest panorama

    We had nice weather today with clouds breaking the usually boring blue sky.

    As I was driving back from my weekend house, I took a short detour and shot this:

    21 vertical images stiched together in PS.

    Turned out pretty well, but only after couple of tries since for some reason PS is bugged if you try to stitch a lot of photos (seams show), but if you do it gradually only several at the time it's ok.

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    Default Re: My latest panorama

    I have had that issue with PS as I stitch in 3's and the problem seems to go away...then do a final stitch after the 3's are finished...I usually divide and do in whole numbers, 2's, 3's or 4's...never seem to have a problem.

    This is a fine shot, well captured and 21 images covers a ton of ground...very nice.

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    Default Re: My latest panorama

    I've noticed Elements show seams sometimes, until I merge the images into one, rather than a bunch of layers. Dunno why it does it.

    that image made my DSL bog down!
    Nice one Mar
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