Lately I've been doing a lot of online buying and some selling. I have some observations for you and couldn't figure out where else to post them. I'm pretty sure that my experiences are fairly typical for these 3 well-known sellers:, B&H Photo, and

B & H Photo: They use a computer "alert" system to catch potential "resellers". The system is flawed. I was flagged as a reseller because I bought too many items over too short a period! Huh? Before B&H finally said "OOPS, sorry" it took weeks. I'll never feel comfortable dealing with them again. Mr. Posner runs the place and apparently believes customers are liars and cheats until proven otherwise. If all goes well, they are great. But WOE is you if things don't go smoothly! Be CAREFUL. This company can bite! They aren't perfect (who is?). But they work with you. They don't lie. If you have a gripe, they address it. They do not assume, as does B&H, that the customer is always wrong ... and they do know how to ship things properly. A bit slow on the shipping end occasionally (not by any means always), but everything does arrive and it arrives in good shape. Never had to return anything due to poor packing. Their policies are fair. They are not always the cheapest, but they stand behind their products and policies. They often have the lowest prices AND always a most friendly and accommodating customer service department. I almost look forward to chatting with them ... which, alas, I have done quite a lot. This is because they seem to have THE worst packing and shipping department anywhere. Baffling, really. Thus while it is easy to return stuff to them, you may find you are making a LOT of returns because they don't grasp the "bubble pack as protection" concept. Many computerized and photographic equipment items have been delivered without so much as a piece of crumpled paper between them and doom. They DO sometimes get it right: about half the time. On the positive side, they are AWFULLY nice about it when you complain! Ironically, they pack the HELL out of books and NON fragile items. Go figure.