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    Default Pedco UltraClamp

    Just received my Pedco UltraClamp today, so this is an initial review and cannot cover the long-term durability of the item.

    I chose this clamp based on versatility, price (around $20 from Amazon), and positive user reviews. After my issues getting my FL-36R flash to cooperate with my Photek Softlighter II in this thread, I needed something that would work better, and could also be used to mount to other objects.

    The UltraClamp is made in the USA. The clamp section is wide enough to mount onto 1.5 inch objects (larger version available, but it won't clamp onto narrow objects like an umbrella shaft), and is made of aluminum with a rubber slip-on sleeve to protect your mounting surface. The rest is "injection-molded, fiber glass-reinforced nylon with a thermoplastic resin clamp head and knobs." The unit feels very sturdy, and I don't feel like I'm going to break anything.

    other features:
    - 1/4-20 tripod socket
    - breaks down into two pieces
    - Pan Adjustment: 360 degrees
    - Tilt Adjustment: +/- 90 degrees
    - Angular Adjustment: +/- 20 degrees
    - cogs inside the main joint prevent slippage

    The packaging for the UltraClamp advertises clamping your camera/binoculars/camcorder to car windows (not something I'm keen on doing, ever!), but the clamp does have a handy notch just perfect for mounting firmly onto an umbrella. I used the threaded table top FL-36R flash mount to attach the flash to the clamp.

    As you can see, it solved my problem and I was able to get the flash straight up into the center of the Softlighter sock and still have the wireless sensor exposed. I did not feel like I had to overtighten anything to get the clamp or ball head to not move.

    I only have a postal scale that measures up to 5 lbs., and the heaviest camera I have is this old Exakta, which went over the scale's weight limit. The Ultra Clamp held it just fine, even under the pressure of a small child, who insisted on trying to pry it off. Considering 5+ lbs. of German engineering did not land on my son's foot or even budge, I say this little clamp did a fine job out of the box.

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