I just want to give my two cents on this product. After debating as to buying a third party version or buy the Olympus product, I went with Oly and was totally disappointed. I was expecting the same build quality as the EX 25. Instead, I received a "tinny" poorly made piece of......! I own a E-PL2 and wanted to use my 4/3rds Sigma EX lenses on it. Well, the camera had trouble auto-focusing and for some reason the color temperature of the pictures using the Sigma lenses was way off. I tried my Oly lenses and they also had focusing problems but the color temperature was almost normal.

The bottom line is that I returned it for a refund. The cost was $143 and not really worth it for being made in China, not like the Japanese made EX25. The third party version goes for $62 on E-Bay but I will pass. In my opinion the adapter is way too light to support heavy lenses. The support collar is made of aluminum not steel.