I've already been posting in the forums some but thought I'd also do the "official" intro here.

I started in photography back in my late teens/early twenties. My first good camera was a Minolta X-700. For it I had a variety of lenses, my favorite was a Tokina 90mm macro. I loved that thing and took many great Kodachrome slides with it. Alas, one day my vehicle was broken into...you know the rest.

Fast forward way too may years...digital caught my eye and I jumped in with an Oly C-2020. That soon evolved to a C-2100UZ. Dang I loved that thing! Half of me still wants to pick one up on eBay for old times' sake.

Then I made the jump to DSLRs...and Canon. The original Digital Rebel, then a 20D, then most recently the 5D. Various lenses here and there...the kit evolved many times before I settled on the 24-105/4L and 70-200/4L. Great kit in two lenses.


Heavy...while I enjoyed the equipment I found myself taking it out less and less just for the sheer bulk it represented.

So, thinking back to my earlier days....ah, Olympus. I did my research and settled on the E-30 for now, the 14-54II, and the 50 macro, which I have to say is the best lens I have ever used, period.

On the short list is the 1.4x, 50-200, 9-18.

As I've said in other threads, I don't consider myself having bought into a dead system. I've bought into an exceptional system. One day I will upgrade to an E-7 or E-50, as soon as they are available! If they don't come to pass, well, an E-5 will work for me for a long time with my zuicy Zuiko lenses

The switch from Canon FF to Oly 4/3 is interesting.

The high ISO performance of the Canon FF bodies is, in a word, extraordinary. However, I'm finding much more "lively" files coming from the E-30, both JPGs (which Oly processes in-camera like no other) and RAW even if there's more noise to deal with. I'm finding I have to expose much more to the right to avoid shadow noise.

The auto WB of the E-30 is flummoxing me and I find that indoors it isn't horribly accurate. However, I can shoot a gray card easily enough.

I'm still coming up with default RAW processing parameters for Corel AfterShot, which I've decided to use as my RAW processor. I also bought PaintShop Pro X4 after I talked Corel into a killer deal on the phone

All-in-all I'm learning some things over again, but it's fun...and the results are going to be outstanding.

Please excuse what will I'm sure will be some boneheaded questions...

Thanks for listening.