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I'm impressed that a compromise was made, but I think I'll pass thanks.

I joined several mft forums when I bought my camera and I find 2 of the others a lot more active and easier to use on my iPhone. As such I don't use this site. While I wasn't here in the past I feel the above post makes a good point, there's not enough active content or participation to warrant paying for membership. Forums are a dying breed due to more modern Internet crazes and I think you have to be lucky to survive these days.

Thanks for trying though and good luck with the site.
I am a member of a few forums that are thriving. I'd say it's the stewardship of this site that is killing it. I know that amounts to a personal attack on the owners/ moderators, and for that I am sorry. But I don't see much other reason for it to be happening. Artificial barriers to how people access content drive them elsewhere.