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Thread: Loose Element

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    Default Loose Element

    I have encountered something today I never have before, and I think it is a loose lens element.

    Problem: The image through the viewfinder will slightly shift

    Body: Olympus E-520
    Lens: 14-42mm f3.5-5.6

    1) during AF (The lens' hunting sounds and actions match perfectly with the movement.)
    2) only when focused on subjects within approx. 2ft.
    3) on initial attempt to focus on subject or on the immediate second follow-up attempt to finalize focus
    4) happens randomly

    1) laterally/horizontally (maybe with an occasional slight raise up and to the left)
    2) shift movement distance = 1/2 to 3/4 the diameter of a focus confirmation dot
    3) sometimes only in one direction
    4) sometimes in one direction then back again, or then again a third time in the first direction (back & forth)

    Have I got a lens going bad?

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    Default Re: Loose Element

    I've had my E-520 do this occasionally too, I think with my 14-54 MKI lens. I have no idea why it happens or what to do about it. I suspect that it is not a sign of any serious problem, mainly because I haven't had anything go wrong after it has happened. Kind of odd however, for sure.
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