I have been using the Panasonic 14-42PZ lens for about 6 months.

I use it on an EP-2 body and even with the VF-2 attached it fits comfortably in a jacket pocket. This means I have a camera capable of excellent results with me always.

I have in the past had an Oly 14-42 M4/3 lens but, despite its telescopic folding design, it is less pocket able. The 14-14PZ, when switched off, is very little larger than the Oly 17mm f2.8.

Comments on the 14-42PZ:

(1) The lens is very sharp markedly more so than the Oly 14-42 M Mark 1.

(2) Focusing on the EP-2 is very fast, faster than the Oly 17mm

(3) The lens is silent when focusing and zooming.

(4) The power zoom control takes some getting used to. For a long time my finger tended to find the focus lever rather than the zoom. I have now got over this (after some 700 exposures). The zoom moves a little too quickly on the EP-2, so it took some getting used to. I would much prefer a “step zoom” function like I used to have on my Ricoh GX100 but this is not available on the EP-2. I understand it is available on the later Panasonic bodies GX1 G3 and G5.

(5) The focus control also moves a little faster than I like.

I am very pleased with this “pocket Camera” solution