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Thread: The Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm lens, a real beauty

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    Default The Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm lens, a real beauty

    Of course I swallowed hard at the price, but I decided to order one from Adorama when it was offered at 1099. Now it has jumped back up again. The lens fulfills my expectations in all respects. A pleasure to use. The constant aperture of F 2.8 is the sweet spot for me in indoor and low light shooting. It has a remarkable wide angle to moderate telephoto with a zoom feel that is easy and smooth. The electronic focus adjust is likewise. Both rings are well finished. I can see little distortion at either end of the focal range and a crisp result. The auto focus on my GH2 is as fast as anything I have owned. And because of the lens stabilization it was a natural for me. If I had bought the Olympus micro four thirds and loved prime lenses I might have gone for more than the single pancake Oly 20mm. The camera still is inviting for all its capabilities. Like touch control to change focus during a video clip....very clever. The dials on the camera, which I will add to this lens review are still a little scrunched up for my small fingers. I use a Hakuba low cost palm grip strap on the right side, which frees up the left hand. I have switched the EVF/LVF button to exposure compensation to give the left hand something to do ( when I am not playing with my nose:-)). If anyone can afford to spend the cash, I heartily recommend this lens. Is it the ne plus ultra, the cat's meow, the holy grail, the best in the west, won't venture to say, but if one is going to dig deep into micro four thirds land and likes the Panasonic approach, then this lens will satisfy the most fastidious peeper. No, I have no desire to pre order a GH 3, I am still content to use my GH 2 and still exploiting its features. Now the 12-35 is said to be water resistant. I am not sure how many O rings are inside, but that is nice to know. Not sweating rain as much as inevitable mildew, which is endemic to Hawaii. I take pains to keep them dry. For video hand held, the lens is about the right size and weight for shooting. I will think hard about the future mate, the constant aperture 35-100. Likely I will not buy one unless my adapted ED 50mm F 2 gets too bulky in my small Mountainsmith carry bag. Will post photos if my trip to Kona next month yields anything of interest. On line photos do not reveal a whole lot IMO. One has to use it in the field.
    11/28: No regrets. A lens that will be my standard for all around use. Does well on video too, though I need to get smoother in zooming which I should not overdue anyway. A little jerky so far. I am thinking of buying an Azden microphone plus a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter which is the hole size Pana decided to give us all on the GH2. GH3 corrected that misjudgment. No biggie. Video is a lot of fun. Like listening to thunder and rain in HD and stereo... gs
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