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Thread: Experience Replacing Screen on an E-PL1?

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    Default Experience Replacing Screen on an E-PL1?

    Hi Group,

    Me: I'm a noob to this group, but I've been shooting four thirds for 5 years how on an E-410 kit and, later, an E-PL1. I'm in Canada (west coast). They are both small and shoot well enough for what I need them for.

    Summary of Issue: I'm hoping the peeps on this forum can help me learn:
    • (a) what it means when a replacement lcd says "no backlight,"
    • (b) if anyone has any experience replacing the LCD on and E-PL1,
    • (c) is there a repair manual for the E-PL1 floating around the net
    • (d) and possibly, anyone have any tips on unsticking the E-PL1 shutter?

    Narrative Background: After a couple of years of service and being well past warranty, my E-PL1's shutter started sticking every 20 or so shots. Not sure why but I dared not just squirt some WD40 into it. I took to gently but firmly tapping the camera flat on its back on a hard surface like a book, and it would unstick and I could shoot again - mostly with that awesomely craptastic BCL-1580 plastic body cap lens, which really makes shooting fun since it makes every shot a creative and compositional salvage operation.

    Anyhow, and in hindsight, inevitably, I tapped the camera on a not-flat enough surface (the dash of my Honda, which sure seemed flat) and the LCD screen cracked mid-way on the left side. The outer casing is not cracked at all, but the LCD is shot - it partly displays, but its grainy, though it lights up. I'm tempted to just junk the E-PL1 or sell it for parts, since it has 2 major problems - but it still shoots quite nicely and I've still been able to get some really nice night time time lapse shots out of it. I'm wondering if its worth a shot at fixing - might be a learning experience to try since its kinda shot anyway.

    I've looked on ebay and found replacement 2.7" LCDs for the E-PL1 that all say "no backlight" for about $30. I'm assuming the 'no backlight' specification is there for a reason, since I have not seen any that are priced with the backlight. Is the backlight a separate part from the LCD itself, and if so, does it have to be removed from the existing LCD and installed in the new one, and if so, does this require intricate work or soldering?

    I've seen a few online articles on disassembly of an E-PL1 (for infrared conversion) that show enough detail to get to the LCD and remove it, but I have not seen anything on the LCD replacement process, including backlight installation.

    Anyone had any experience with this they can share? While I'm here, any suggestions/info on unsticking the shutter?

    Thanks much,

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    Default Re: Experience Replacing Screen on an E-PL1?

    This guy - Where the World Turns for Digital Camera Parts may be able to help some. I have bought off him before and he is good helpful and legit

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