Thought that seeing as how its been a couple of years since I was active on the forum, I'd better reintroduce myself! I'm Nate, and I'm a recovering photographer.

So, its been a long time.........I see some familiar faces, some new faces, and there are some familiar faces I don't see. Hope everyone is doing ok. Since I crashed and burned with my photography, it looks like there's been some changes with the site, but at least its still here! Guess at the least, I owe everyone a big apology for disappearing. Had a major burnout there, and only recently hauled out the old E-30, dusted everything off and charged her up. Gotta say, it feels kind of good to get back into it, and to discover that I haven't forgotten quite all of what I learned (much of it from you folks here).

For right now, I'm trying to resist my gear lust, and concentrate on the outdated equipment that I have......though I gotta say that had Oly decided to bring out an E7, I would probably succumb to the urge. Haven't yet been able to wrap my head around the concept that the new flagship is m4/3, or convince myself that its IQ is enough better than the E-30 for me to commit to it financially.

Anyway, that's enough rambling for now. Just wanted to say that I'm sort of back, and very happy to see that you guys are still around. Happy New Year to all, looking forward to talking with you, and seeing some nice work!