The Buy/Sell Forum is a great place for many to purchase and sell extra gear.

FOURTHIRDS PHOTO takes no responsibility for any transactions which transpire here and it is up to the individuals involved to resolve any issues that may arise. If you do have a problem, please feel free to send me a Private Message (PM) so I can try to help resolve issues that may arise.

RULES – Please read before posting!

  • You must include a price in the thread and at least 1 detailed photo of each item you are selling. Stock photos are not allowed.*
  • Posts asking for interest in an item that may or may not come up for sale will no longer be allowed. It's either for sale or it's not! Any posts asking for interest in an item will be deleted without notice!
  • Please use Private Messaging (PM) when replying to a seller or buyer unless you think your question or answer would be of use to other forum members.
  • Do not list your personal email addresses in the thread. When people see this they feel that it is spam. Also, Spambots love to get your email addresses. We do not encourage the direct emailing of other members, use the PM system, it is safer.
  • Don’t post messages saying how you can buy an item for “xx$” at such and such a site. If you have a suggestion for the price, send the seller a PM.
  • Bumping is not allowed. Use the edit feature if you need to change prices or the information regarding the items for sale.
  • Commercial advertising and website linking is not allowed.
  • Do not list any Ebay auctions or other for-sale sites here. They will be deleted. If you want to sell it here, post it for sale here.
  • Do not list another item for sale in someone’s thread. That’s tacky and is considered to be “Hijacking A Thread”

*You can either upload photos that are hosted somewhere else by linking to them and using the little picture of the mountain (on the toolbar above the new text area), or you can attach them to the forum and have us host them for you by clicking on the paper clip and/or the manage attachments at the bottom of the post.

Non-compliance with the above posted rules may result in your thread being deleted and infractions may be given to those who don’t abide by the rules.

Please note that threads listing items for sale without a price or photo will be deleted immediately and without warning!

We want this to be a friendly site and hope you will try to comply with the rules.

Inactive, dormant threads will be moved to the archives after 30 days of inactivity. Should you need the thread re-opened, please contact one of the buy/sell moderators.

Customs/Duty FeesAs a general rule, any Customs/Duty Fees will be the responsibility of the buyer when doing overseas sales/purchases. Other agreements can be made but
are strictly be between the buyer and seller and this site will not intervene upon or be responsible for those agreements.

A Word about Warranties
According to the Olympus, and I would assume other manufacturer's warranty policies, warranties cannot be transfered to a third party so it is very doubtful that your newly purchased item will be still covered under warranty. (There have been a few claims that the a second owner has been able to get the item serviced without any issues.)


If you have made a purchase or have sold anything, we ask that you help create a reputation for the buyer or seller by giving the other party a rating. To leave feedback or to see what others have said about a potential buyer/seller, you can simply click on the number of reviews that have been left by members (click on "Feedback Score").

That will take you to the window below where you can view all feedback both given and received. Also you can submit feed back for the other party.
If you need to submit feedback for another and have not yet recievd feedback, simply find a thread that they posted to, e.g. yours, and then click on the Feedback Score number, and then you will have the option to submit feedback for that person.

You can also now look at any users iTrader info by looking at their profile.


Once a item has sold please mark the thread CLOSED, (if the thread is over 5 days old you will not be able to close it so post a message in the “close me” sticky thread in the buy/sell forum and a moderator will close the thread). Please do not simply MOVE the thread to the Archive. This causes more work for the moderators.

To help future sellers, please leave the price the item sold for in the thread, you can just edit the post and add "Sold" next to the item.

Please do not delete a thread when the item has sold. The following information is important and can be gathered from leaving the message on the board and closing it-

1. By closing, it shows that the item/s is/are no longer for sale.
2. It shows the actual item that people have left feedback for.
3. It shows the price items sold for which gives members a reference for future sales.

This Forum is moderated by Jim Millar (JRM60).

To log complaints/complements about the changes in rules, please do so in this forum. We have to many threads going on, and even this one has gotten hijacked in the past.