I have been been a member here for a l-o-n-g time.
And for the longest time I helped Tony financially, paying for SuperSuporter membership (or... whatever it was called).

But at some point I got occupied with other things, let my Support lapse, and even my participation in the forum.
Haven't been around for years (or seems like anyway).

Recently some photography interests steered me back.

And I have just now tried to PM somebody.

Got the message that my Mailbox (PMbox?) was full and that I needed to delete PMs to free up room.

I deleted 30? 40? 50?, don't know, wasn't counting.
And I still can't send a PM, get the same message.

My guess is... that I had some enormous limit (maybe UNlimited) back from my SuperSupporter days.

And now that I am just an "ordinary" member, my number of PMs what was OK no longer is.

THANKFULLY the system didn't just delete all my PMs when my SuperSupporter membership lapsed.
They are still there.
But I can't PM any more.

What can we do?

Anyway that you can "grandfather" me back in?
To where I can keep my PMs (there's a LOT of PMs there that I would hate to lose)?

Or... would I have to pay? to get my quota moved back up?

Any help appreciated.

I really don't want to lose all my "historical" PMs.

But I would like to get active again.