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Thread: Been a long time

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    Default Been a long time

    Been a long time. Suppose I should re-introduce myself.

    I left a while back. Can't really remember when, but the place was just a drag. I let my subscription lapse and when I got this email that my PayPal transaction had been cancelled, I wandered back to see what's what. Lo and behold, new ownership.

    I've been off on my own photographic journey, really studying hard, reading all manner of photography and art related books ranging for critical theory (who knew there was a Marxist theory of art criticism?) to composition, photographic history and snarfing up what seems like every photobook I can lay my hands on.

    During all this I was on LTD due to work related stress (150 over 118 and a macular edema to boot; aviation is a harsh mistress) so I had lots of time to pursue the craft of making images. I'm back at work now and rumbling along.

    As well, my good lady wife surprised me with a Leica M-E and a Zeiss Biogon 35 and a 'Cron 50. My load-out now is my E-P2 (still going strong) with a 45 on it full time and the Panny 14 for wide and the M-E with 35 with the 'Cron as backup. The E-3 gets used once in a blue moon, only if I need the throw of the 50-200.

    I've been writing about my photographic journey here:

    and my gallery here:

    I was lucky during my leave to be asked to be lead photographer for Calgary's Heritage Park 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book project. Along with two historians, we traced the history of the park and the exhibits using my fairly large back catalog of images and infill shooting from Summer of 2013.

    I truly hope the new management is not so blinkered to not let me post images from both my M-E and P2 as I shoot both of them in tandem depending on the circ.(If I could afford a 'Cron 90 or even an old Elmarit '90 may the P2 would be put out to grass. But then, maybe not. I'd taken for granted what it was like to shoot with a camera equipped with a dustbuster)

    Anyhow, that's me and we'll see how things go.

    Take care all

    -- Life is complex. It has real and imaginary parts



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    Default Re: Been a long time

    Hey, I remember you.

    Welcome back!

    I'm the one responsible for the new ownership stuff and whatnot.
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    Default Re: Been a long time

    Nice to see you, John! Seems like a few of us 'old timers' are straggling back.

    "There's only one rule in photography - never develop colour film in chicken noodle soup." - Freeman Patterson

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