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Thread: New here, looking at changing to 4/3

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    Default New here, looking at changing to 4/3

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Rob, since I got into cameras about 5 years ago I've been a Canon person. I currently own a T2i and a 100D, but after some recent experiences I've been taking a hard look at changing over to 4/3s. I've always liked the looks of Olympus cameras but generally had the ignorant assumption that because the 4/3 sensor is smaller, the picture quality must be inferior. I wanted a small camera so I got the 100D, but I also wanted a good lens so I got the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8. Figured out really quick that a nearly 1kg lens and a 300g camera body are not a good combination. I decided to mess around with a 2 year old Sony NEX camera that a coworker had, and was very humiliated to find out it was taking as good, and in some cases better pictures. So I decided maybe it was time to take a 2nd and harder look at the 4/3s.

    Currently I'm looking at the Panasonic GH3 and Olympus E-M10. I couldnt find much reason to upgrade to the GH4 because I don't see much value in 4K video and the price is a pretty big jump. In addition my office has a Sony A7s that was purchased last week, so I figure if I need to do some serious videography I can um.....borrow it. The E-M10 I've heard takes great photos (and the body looks glorious!), so this weekend I'm planning on going to the electronics district here in my city and see if I cant find one to try out. I saw a thread on another part of the forum that said Olympus has a new camera coming out in September so maybe I will have to wait a couple months.

    I'll probably be looking around a bit on the forum before I ask some questions, but hopefully I can post some pictures from a new camera soon

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    Default Re: New here, looking at changing to 4/3


    welcome to the forum!

    There are definitely advantages to 4/3 gear, and not just small size. The strong point for Olympus and m4/3 in general is lenses.
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