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Thread: ahoy fourthirdsphoto!

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    Default ahoy fourthirdsphoto!

    i've been catching back up on the goings-on for the forum over the last couple of days - lots of changes it seems. i thought i'd take a moment as others have to re-introduce myself - indeed, many changes for me as well .

    it's great to see the site under new stewardship as, in spite of my veeeeeeerrry long absence, this forum has always been a magical place for me and a part of me hopes it stays around forever. this was where i began to learn photography in general, as well as how to get the most out of my Olympus gear - a very belated, but sincere "thank you!" for that .

    in any event, after some big life changes (geographically and otherwise), i've pulled out the camera bag again in hopes of re-kindling a love i began some 5+ years ago.

    greetings, all - i look forward to meeting all of you (again)!

    -- ike
    2x e-620 + hld-5, E-1 - zd 14-54 mk i, zd 25mm, sigma 30 f:1.4, zd 35mm macro, zd 40-150 mk 1, 2 x fl-36r
    gh1 - mmf-2 adapter
    zenit et - helios 58mm f:2.0
    misc - zuiko 50mm f:1.8, prinz m42 135 2.8, vivitar 28mm 2.5, canon fd 50mm f:1.8

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    Default Re: ahoy fourthirdsphoto!


    welcome back
    Olympus E-M1 Mk II
    7.5mm f/2.0 - 17mm f/1.2 - 56mm f/1.4 - 9-18mm - 14-150mm II

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