I hope there is a simple answer to this.
I'm using an E-620 body with a Zeiss 500/8 mirror lens attached.
I'm focusing on a fence line in full sunlight maybe a couple of Km away.
With live view 10X I can focus on the wire strands of the fence.
But when I make the photo (saved as RAW plus Hi Res Jpeg), I can't see the strands in the JPEG image on the camera monitor at 14X. It's like a resolution loss between Live view and the actual taken image.
So then I opened the RAW file in Olympus Studio, saved it as a 16 bit TIFF, and then opened that in Photoshop. I lifted the histogram a bit and viewed actual pixels. But no strands of wire.
I'm using a cable release, camera is tripod mounted, IS is off, anti shock is 4 seconds, ISO is 400. Image was not over exposed, in fact a fraction under exposed
Can anyone suggest where I'm going wrong ?
It also probably explains why my moon shots are not as detailed as I expected.