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Thread: Laowa/Rokinon/Samyang build quality?

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    Default Laowa/Rokinon/Samyang build quality?

    Anyone used these for a while? What's the QC like for long term usage? I'm wanting to get a UW Rectilinear lens and was interested in the Laowa 15mm and the up coming 7mm but some posted have had issues with the 15mm that cropped up after some time. I haven't seen any user reports from M43 people as I guess the 15mm might be not wide enough but from some info seems like it might be an interesting wide angle marco and cityscape lens.

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    Default Re: Laowa/Rokinon/Samyang build quality?

    Laowa and Samyang/Rokinon are two different companies.

    Difficult to say what the Laowa 7.5mm f/2 lens will be like, because this is their first m4/3 lens. At $499 a pop I would expect average build quality, pretty much the same as other m4/3 lenses that were 500 bucks on release, and I think early reviews/pictures confirm this. So over long term use I would expect it to show wear.

    I'm pretty sure I'm getting one myself.
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