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I still love and get fantastic results from my 4/3rd gear and refuse to take a killing trading it all in again!
I know what you mean. I am considering getting an em1 mkii, probably used from BH, as a resolution and DR upgrade from my e5, but mainly because of the body size for travelling. I also like the idea of the sensor shift for landscapes.
My quandary is do I trade in all of my 4/3 gear and start afresh, or just get the adapter and keep the lenses I have? As I have the 14-54 mkii there doesn't seem to be any need to get the mf 12-40 as the size/weight difference is minimal, and I don't tend to shoot at large apertures. But the 7-14 and 50-200 are quite bulky beasts, however I also have the 2x teleconverter which would give additional flexibility on the long end.