My current setup is an e5 with the following lenses: 7-14 f/4; 14-35 f/2; 14-54 mkii; 50-200swd; 50mm macro and 2x teleconverter.
Whan I travel I take only the 14-54mm, as I find the other lenses too big and heavy.
For this very reason I am thinking of going m4/3.
But thinking about it, the e5 is an excellent camera, takes images that I am very happy with, has less than 9000 shutter actuations, and is built like a tank.
So maybe a workaround would be to get the 9-18 f/4-5.6, used obviously.
With the teleconverter on the 14-54 I would be pretty much covered.
Looking on the net the 9-18mm lens seems to be holding its own price wise, around 300-400usd, depending on condition.
Anyone use this lens and have an opinion on it?